Vaude d'Gras Cast 2017

Vaude d'Gras (formerly Cirque du Gras) is an underground, immersive, experimental spectacle combining vaudeville and circus arts for a unique experience.


Join the Transistance for an epic battle between the powers of vaudeville and the powers that be.

The year is 2317. The world has suffered through 300 years of perpetual war with no end in sight . This so-called Peace War, currently between Commercia United and Industra, must be stopped at all costs for the prosperity of our future.

You have been selected by the Transistance to infiltrate a special Tricentennial Celebration for the Peace War where many high ranking officers of Commercia United will be present.

Vaude D'Gras is a spectacle of epic proportions complete with magical illusions, circus aerials, bawdy burlesque, operatic side-show, whip-cracking, knife-throwing, gun-slinging, and danger.

Vaude d'Gras 2017 Tour


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.



Producer of Vaude D'Gras & Cirque Artiste

This 4 star General's long lineage of tyrannical women soldiers began when her triple great grandmother inadvertently began the Peace War revolution with the execution of the 45th president of the precursor country after the women's march of 2020. As Execution General of Commercia United LadyBEAST, gained more citizen points than any other when she loyally executed her own husband when he was discovered to be a part of the Transistance. 

Photo by Michael Egbert

Accessories by Hellbent

Clay Mazing

Writer, Musician, & Cirque Artiste

Born into captivity, this adaptive soldier accidentally escaped an Industran prison as a young man when he fell asleep in a laundry pile. He took full advantage of the element of surprise when he burst out of the spin cycle in hand to hand combat.

This sharp looking, sharp shooting whipper snapper spent years in each division of Commercia United's military.

Photo by Michael Egbert

Accessories by Hellbent

Madame Daggers

Art & Design, Musician & Knife Thrower

Often heralded as the least worse pilot in Commercia United, Major Daggers was born in an hot air balloon over Truth or Consequences. This decorated Aerodynamics expert is selected to test fly all experimental aircraft for being the best and most still alive member of her company.
In the battle of Micheal Jackson square in 2309 Major Daggers received her nickname when her aircraft ran out of bullets and she began throwing knives at enemy planes until their retreat. 

Photo by Michael Egbert

Accessories by Hellbent


Cirque Artiste

Born with a 7th sense and the gift of clairvoyance, Sergeant Stardust was drafted by the Commercia United™ at a young age.

She has been instrumental in the fight to weed out infiltrated members of the pesky Transistance as well as provide recon against the evil Industra®. Stardust was recently awarded the Congressional Medal of Splendor™ for aiding in the capture of an evil Industran Spy

Photo by Michael Egbert

Accessories by Hellbent


Opera Singer, Clown, & Sideshow Performer

Renowned Sailing team of the USS Galamad, who sailed the 7 Lakes of Pontchartrain after the Flood Battle of 2302. This inseparable team is credited with saving the lives of hundreds of sailors after being shipwrecked on the abandoned island of New Florida. Legend has it the soldiers were starving, stranded, and out of rations on the island when the Admiral and the Captain began singing Ave Maria to the open ocean. Suddenly a huge tidal wave crashed over the crew. In the aftermath, the soldiers discovered a gigantic octopus washed up on the shore offering itself. The crew survived on Calamari for three more weeks until they were rescued by C.U. vessels.

As a thank you, each member of the USS Galamad tattooed Captain Charlie and Admiral Guglielmo with a unique matching tattoo.

Photo by Michael Egbert

Accessories by Hellbent


Dancer, Actress, Sideshow & Burlesque Performer

The infamous spy from the evil country Industria® has been captureed by an elite troupe of Commercia United's™ finest. They had a quite a time trying to pin down this pin-up. Heralded as the Bolshevik Bombshell for all the wrong reasons, this filthy fashionist specializes in unsanctioned torture and debilitating heart break.

Photo by Michael Egbert

Accessories by Hellbent


Live Film Scoring & Musician

The Head Office is listening.

Join the Transistance.

Photo by Michael Egbert