Entering its sixth year, Vaude d’Gras returns to New Orleans with “Baroquen Circus,” a dazzling theatrical performance that transports the viewer into Carnival’s past. The show lights up the stage at the Marigny Opera House featuring an eclectic entourage of the finest performing artists in the Crescent City. Witness tantalizing and unique performances by LadyBEAST, Franky Canga, Clay Mazing, Sam Aquatic and the fabulous Gogo McGregor.

With “Baroquen Circus,” LadyBEAST Productions pulls the audience into an

immersive and truly decadent dinner party that features unparalleled circus arts, stunts, vaudeville and sideshow performances.

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Vaude d'Gras 2017 Tour
Edwardian Ball New Orleans 2017

Shipwrecked on a dystopian island of trash in the vast ocean - abandoned and forgotten... LadyBEAST Productions presents: Discardia - a glimpse of survival within an abandoned plastic world.


This opus performance is a visual commentary on the current issues of our discard culture and asks of its audience to see trash and plastics in a new light. Join in their world of fear, vulnerability, and wonder of the decaying environment as they breathe new life into objects that have washed ashore. This physical theatre, dance and contemporary circus narrative is supported with an original music score created by Bemya Nyhm, using ordinary objects you would find in your own recycling bin. Discardia is a “trash opera” that hopes to inspire it’s audience to walk away with the motivation to be part of the change that will affect our future on this planet.


Bemya Nymh is a multimedia artist, design/builder, & musician based in Bellingham, WA. Bemya sings & makes loop-based music using voice and found/sampled sounds from their environment for a variety of applications. Projects have ranged from a solo album with an environmental message (Gnome Hymns for Humyns 2014), a score for a short film they co-directed (Gnomish Love & Mischief 2017), and musical accompaniment for circus and physical theater shows with Ragmop Theater (Odds Are 2016, Gift Horse 2017, A Can of Worms 2019) & LadyBEAST Productions (Levity 2018). Bemya also hosts singing circles, vocal clowning, & earthplay workshops, cares deeply for the Earth, and lives in a tree. For a sampling of Bemya Nymh’s work visit:

LadyBEAST Productions is a internationally touring artistic group and production company. As a performer and escape artist specializing in the Old World circus act of bottle walking, LadyBEAST herself recently led a TedX talk during their Spring 2019 series “ILLUMINATE”. With unbound creativity, LadyBEAST Productions offers inspiring takes on traditional old circus acts, reinvented.

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Two of New Orlean’s most talented and unstoppable performers have teamed up as a dynamic duo to present Marquee - an ode to the trail blazers of the New Orleans cabaret. Brought to you by Vinsantos, LadyBEAST, and Le Petit Theatre - this heartwarming show gives a window into the history of New Orleans cabaret from the 1890’s through the 1950s. A dynamic cast of characters from drag, burlesque, vaudeville and circus pay homage to the colorful history of this well know, but less understood cultural staple of American theatre.


This playful performance lends tribute to the trailblazers of New Orleans cabaret such as Nita and Zita, Barbette, and Josephine Baker. Ensemble acts of bawdy burlesque, death defying circus, vaudeville dance comedy, live music and more are tactfully performed by modern stars of the New Orleans cabaret scene including Franky Canga, TitiBaby, Sweet Tooth Simone, Cherry Bombshell, Madame Mystere, Vinsantos and LadyBEAST. Original music by Vinsantos and choreography by LadyBEAST.


There will be a mini museum on display in the lobby of the theatre of historical artifacts for the audience to experience prior to seeing the show.


The show's storytellers will lead you through the experiences of cabaret on and off the stage while the artists will take your breathe away with memorable performances.



Experience the ordinary turned extraordinary through Levity, a collaboratively conceived show by New Orleans based circus company, LadyBEAST Productions. Visualize the stark interior worlds of the human existence as each artist leads you through their own mind’s journey - beginning with the simple act of sitting in a chair. This somatic theater narrative is supported by a musical score created by Bemya Nymph. Bemya uses layering of his voice and sound effects to integrate the conceptualized pace of each tale presented.


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Vaude d'Gras (formerly Cirque du Gras) is an underground, immersive, experimental spectacle combining vaudeville and circus arts for a unique experience.

Join the Transistance for an epic battle between the powers of vaudeville and the powers that be.

The year is 2317. The world has suffered through 300 years of perpetual war with no end in sight . This so-called Peace War, currently between Commercia United and Industra, must be stopped at all costs for the prosperity of our future.

You have been selected by the Transistance to infiltrate a special Tricentennial Celebration for the Peace War where many high ranking officers of Commercia United will be present.

Vaude D'Gras is a spectacle of epic proportions complete with magical illusions, circus aerials, bawdy burlesque, operatic side-show, whip-cracking, knife-throwing, gun-slinging, and danger.

This 4 star General's long lineage of tyrannical women soldiers began when her triple great grandmother inadvertently began the Peace War revolution with the execution of the 45th president of the precursor country after the women's march of 2020. As Execution General of Commercia United LadyBEAST, gained more citizen points than any other when she loyally executed her own husband when he was discovered to be a part of the Transistance. 

Producer of Vaude D'Gras & Cirque Artiste


Born into captivity, this adaptive soldier accidentally escaped an Industran prison as a young man when he fell asleep in a laundry pile. He took full advantage of the element of surprise when he burst out of the spin cycle in hand to hand combat.

This sharp looking, sharp shooting whipper snapper spent years in each division of Commercia United's military.

Writer, Musician, & Cirque Artiste

Clay Mazing

Often heralded as the least worse pilot in Commercia United, Major Daggers was born in an hot air balloon over Truth or Consequences. This decorated Aerodynamics expert is selected to test fly all experimental aircraft for being the best and most still alive member of her company.
In the battle of Micheal Jackson square in 2309 Major Daggers received her nickname when her aircraft ran out of bullets and she began throwing knives at enemy planes until their retreat. 

Art & Design, Musician & Knife Thrower

Madame Daggers

Born with a 7th sense and the gift of clairvoyance, Sergeant Stardust was drafted by the Commercia United™ at a young age.

She has been instrumental in the fight to weed out infiltrated members of the pesky Transistance as well as provide recon against the evil Industra®. Stardust was recently awarded the Congressional Medal of Splendor™ for aiding in the capture of an evil Industran Spy​.

Sarah Stardust

Cirque Artiste

Renowned Sailing team of the USS Galamad, who sailed the 7 Lakes of Pontchartrain after the Flood Battle of 2302. This inseparable team is credited with saving the lives of hundreds of sailors after being shipwrecked on the abandoned island of New Florida. Legend has it the soldiers were starving, stranded, and out of rations on the island when the Admiral and the Captain began singing Ave Maria to the open ocean. Suddenly a huge tidal wave crashed over the crew. In the aftermath, the soldiers discovered a gigantic octopus washed up on the shore offering itself. The crew survived on Calamari for three more weeks until they were rescued by C.U. vessels. As a thank you, each member of the USS Galamad tattooed Captain Charlie and Admiral Guglielmo with a unique matching tattoo.


Opera Singer, Clown, & Sideshow Performer

The infamous spy from the evil country Industria® has been captureed by an elite troupe of Commercia United's™ finest. They had a quite a time trying to pin down this pin-up. Heralded as the Bolshevik Bombshell for all the wrong reasons, this filthy fashionist specializes in unsanctioned torture and debilitating heart break.

GoGo McGregor

Dancer, Actress, Sideshow &

Burlesque Performer

Photos by Michael Egbert

Accessories by Hellbent

Thank you for joining us on our 2017 tour!
Vaude d'Gras 2017 Tour

This is a secret garden circus dinner theater. It features a different pop-up chef each month from April to June. This secret spectacular combines circus, drag arts, and often musical interludes to provide a memorable experience. The cast are mostly locals with a few surprise travelling performers mixed in. The YardBaret is in the middle of its production season, but can be hired as a full experience for your next gala soiree.


Spectaculaire brings music, dance, circus, drag, and burlesque to the most iconic and historic stage in the French Quarter, Le Petit Theatre!

This dazzling show features New Orleans artists at the top of their genres. Immerse yourself in the beauty and gradeur and witness the only proper variety show that the Veux Carre has to offer!


The LadyBEAST Cabaret is the newest show in our arsenal and it found a permanent home at One Eyed Jack’s. This monthly extravaganza highlights the talents of a different traveling performer each month along with the locals you will grow to love. It features an ever-changing theme and promises multiple showtimes.

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PARADOX Media, Vau de Vire Society and LadyBEAST Productions Announce

The Inaugural New Orleans

Edwardian Ball

Honoring the Late-Great Macabre Comic Artist, Cartoonist, and Graphic Novelist Edward Gorey

Saturday, March 25, 2017 at Generations Hall

 Edwardian Ball NOLA 2017-0765
 Edwardian Ball NOLA 2017-0820
 Edwardian Ball NOLA 2017-0760
 Edwardian Ball NOLA 2017-0782
 Edwardian Ball NOLA 2017-0855
 Edwardian Ball NOLA 2017-0846
 Edwardian Ball NOLA 2017-0810
 Edwardian Ball NOLA 2017-0793
 Edwardian Ball NOLA 2017-0809