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Two of New Orleans most talented and unstoppable performers have teamed up as a dynamic duo to present "Marquee" - an ode to the trail blazers of New Orleans' cabaret. Brought to you by Vinsantos, LadyBEAST, and Le Petit Theatre - this heartwarming show gives a window into the history of New Orleans' cabaret from the 1890s through the 1950s. A dynamic cast of characters from drag, burlesque, vaudeville and circus pay homage to the colorful history of this well known, but less understood cultural staple of American theatre.


























This playful performance lends tribute to the pioneers of New Orleans' cabaret such as Nita and Zita, Barbette, and Josephine Baker. Ensemble acts of bawdy burlesque, death-defying circus, vaudeville, dance, comedy, live music and more are tactfully performed by modern stars of the New Orleans' cabaret scene including Franky Canga, TitiBaby, Sweet Tooth Simone, Cherry Bombshell, Madame Mystere, Vinsantos and LadyBEAST. Original music by Vinsantos and choreography by LadyBEAST.


There will be a mini-museum of historical artifacts on display in the lobby of the theatre for the audience to experience prior to seeing the show.


The show's storytellers will lead you through the experiences of cabaret on and off the stage while the artists will take your breathe away with memorable performances.

Don't just take our word for it! Read all about in this write up in Off Beat Magazine!

About the Producers - Vinsantos & LadyBEAST

Vinsantos – Described as the “Queen of New Orleans Queens” by Vice Magazine and fresh off of a nationwide tour as opening act for the legendary band Bauhaus, Vinsantos (along side Titibaby) tells the story of “Marquee” in an eloquent and heartfelt performance inspired by cabaret legend Julian Eltinge. For “Marquee,” Vinsantos is co-producer, composer of original music and performer.


LadyBEAST – From pulling off a Houdini-esque escape out of a straight jacket suspended over 100 feet above the Burning Man Festival to giving a Ted Talk at LSU, LadyBEAST has led an extraordinary existence that includes producing and touring, nationally and locally, the production “Levity”. For “Marquee,” LadyBEAST has taken on the roles of co-producer, Director of Movement and Choreography and performer. 

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