The Edwardian Ball


Edwardian Ball New Orleans 2017

PARADOX Media, Vau de Vire Society and LadyBEAST Productions Announce

The Inaugural New Orleans Edwardian Ball

Honoring the Late-Great Macabre Comic Artist, Cartoonist, and Graphic Novelist Edward Gorey

Saturday, March 25, 2017, at Generations Hall

The Inaugural New Orleans Edwardian Ball

The Inaugural New Orleans Edwardian Ball


Saturday, March 25, 2017.



8 pm to 3 am.


Generations Hall, 310 Andrew Higgins, New Orleans, LA 70130



(504) 581-4367




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21 and over


Creative Period Costumes Strongly Encouraged.

Ticket Prices:

(Prices Increase as Event Draws Near).


Order tickets at:

General Admission: $40.00

VIP Mezzanine: $75.00

VIP "Gilded Bat" Festival Pass: $125.00

Edwardian Ball


From San Francisco… your Edwardian Ball creators and co-hosts Rosin Coven and

Vau de Vire Society, Dark Garden Corsetry,

TRAPEZE’S Delachaux and The Klown, and, of course, the art and stories of

Edward Gorey!

Tuesday, February 17, 17 (New Orleans, Louisiana) – PARADOX Media and Vau de Vire Society, in partnership with LadyBEAST Productions, announce the Inaugural New Orleans Edwardian Ball, Saturday, March 25, 2017, at Generations Hall; a magnificently renovated 1820’s sugar refinery. The first-ever New Orleans Edwardian Ball is an alliance of revered San Francisco and New Orleans festival and event producers who have joined forces to make this already indescribable, inimitable, and world-renowned event even more of an unrivaled and not-to- be-missed affair by featuring an unparalleled line-up of New Orleans-based performers, musical acts, and entertainment. The Edwardian Ball, described by the SFWeekly as, “Think vintage fetish meets circus theatrics meets industrial arts mayhem,” blends live music, theatre, fashion and cosplay, circus, fine art, riveting stage shows, black comedy, science fiction, literature, ballroom dancing, and DJs into an enticing whirlwind extravaganza set in a romanticized, gilded and gentile Neo-Victorian and Edwardian-era gothic and steampunk-tinged distant past which intertwines with an elegantly re-imagined future.

Other delightful attractions include the New Orleans edition of their award-winning Vendor Bazaar, the wildly popular Portrait Booth, mystical and nonsensical oddities, absinthe cocktails, parlour games, alluring sideshows, and much more. VIP ticket holders will also attend the Friday, March 24 th , Edwardian Ball San Francisco-

meets-New Orleans Artist Mixer Soiree at One Eyed Jacks.

Founded in San Francisco in 2000, the Edwardian Ball honors the art and legacy of the late-great macabre cult author, comic artist, illustrator and cartoonist Edward Gorey and operates with the blessing of The Edward Gorey Charitable Trust. Gorey is the ground-breaking, genre–defying and critically-acclaimed graphic novelist

who is credited with influencing Charles “Addams Family” Addams, Lemony Snicket, Neil Gaiman (Coraline and Day of the Dead), Rob Reger (Emily the Strange), Alison Bechdel, (Are You My Mother?: A Comic Drama and Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic), and Tim Burton (Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, and Beetlejuice).

Over 17 years, the multi-city, multi-media exposition of the eccentric and esoteric, long considered San Francisco’s time-traveling boutique amalgamation of Cirque du Soleil-meets- Mardi Gras, has grown from an underground club party into an internationally recognized festival of the arts, drawing attendees from all over the world to San Francisco’s two day Edwardian Ball festival and, for 8-years, to the Los Angeles Edwardian Ball.

Each year, as part of its extensive entertainment offering, the Edwardian Ball stages a raucously capricious, whimsical, dramatic and climatic theatrical production of an Edward Gorey tale as the centerpiece performance homage to the literary great. In 2017, the living interpretation and celebration of the selected Gorey story revels

in the darkest of black comedy and ominous gothic intrigue, suspense, and mystery with the theme of Murder in the presentation of, “The Deadly Blotter;” an unconventional, unusual, intriguing, eccentric and esoteric whodunit, the guidelines of which will be defined and redefined by the attendees, all of whom are either sleuths or suspects in hilarious homicidal hijinks.

Justin Katz, executive producer and co-founder of the Edwardian Ball, states, “The three Edwardian Ball affairs, staged in three unique and distinctive cities, each share the same commonality in cultural magnetism, mysticism, and magical allure, as well as troubled, tragic, tortured pasts, and remarkable rebirths, are, in a way,

the three parts of a trilogy. Bringing the Edwardian Ball to New Orleans is the fulfillment of a passionate ten-plus year dream to present the affair in one of my all-time favorite and storied cities on the planet. To be able to work with LadyBEAST Productions and such a diverse, gifted, and talented group of New Orleans talent will

add an even greater degree of panache, élan and flamboyance to what, our fans believe, is an already inimitable and world-recognized series of events.”

With New Orleans’ Finest…

LadyBEAST - Part Woman all BEAST

The Big Bad Preservation Hall Brass Band

Aurora Nealand and the Royal Roses

The G String Orchestra

Emcee Guglielmo the Opera singing sideshow sensation

… and New Orleans’ Top Circus, Burlesque and Variety Performers Featuring:


Gogo McGregor - The Pain Proof Princess of Burlesque with the mouth of a sailor and the face of a pin-up

Sweet Tooth Simone

Gretchen in Motion


Sarah Stardust

The Yada, Yada, Yada Sisters

And more…!