Shipwrecked on a dystopian island of trash in the vast ocean - abandoned and forgotten...LadyBEAST Productions presents: Discardia - a glimpse of survival within an abandoned plastic world.


This opus performance is a visual commentary on the current issues of our discard culture and asks of its audience to see trash and plastics in a new light. Join in their world of fear, vulnerability, and wonder of the decaying environment as they breathe new life into objects that have washed ashore. This physical theatre, dance and contemporary circus narrative is supported with an original music score created by Bemya Nyhm, using ordinary objects you would find in your own recycling bin. Discardia is a “trash opera” that hopes to inspire it’s audience to walk away with the motivation to be part of the change that will affect our future on this planet.


Bemya Nymh is a multimedia artist, design/builder, & musician based in Bellingham, WA. Bemya sings & makes loop-based music using voice and found/sampled sounds from their environment for a variety of applications. Projects have ranged from a solo album with an environmental message (Gnome Hymns for Humyns 2014), a score for a short film they co-directed (Gnomish Love & Mischief 2017), and musical accompaniment for circus and physical theater shows with Ragmop Theater (Odds Are 2016, Gift Horse 2017, A Can of Worms 2019) & LadyBEAST Productions (Levity 2018). Bemya also hosts singing circles, vocal clowning, & earthplay workshops, cares deeply for the Earth, and lives in a tree. For a sampling of Bemya Nymh’s work visit:

LadyBEAST Productions is a internationally touring artistic group and production company. As a performer and escape artist specializing in the Old World circus act of bottle walking, LadyBEAST herself recently led a TedX talk during their Spring 2019 series “ILLUMINATE”. With unbound creativity, LadyBEAST Productions offers inspiring takes on traditional old circus acts, reinvented.